Blended Learning

Tablet in classroom where individual is undertaking blended learningWe provide a range of our courses in a blended learning format, allowing learners to study the course materials at their own pace before meeting with a trainer to review knowledge and undertake the practical elements.

The theory elements are delivered to the candidates through our e-learning system, which provides the information in an interactive way, including reading, interactive videos, quizzes and puzzles.

The blended courses can be accredited or unaccredited. All of the accredited training meets the Ofqual standards and each of our courses are designed to the appropriate levels of QCF or SVQ in Scotland.

The delivery of blended learning minimizes the time out of the office and the additional travel or venue costs. If candidates are concerned about meeting others during times of illness, it reduces contact time.

Blended learning allows individuals to learn the theory at their own pace and to embed learning with a trainer. This can support people with different learning styles, allowing the trainer to check knowledge has been gained.

Our range of blended learning courses is listed below or you can select a particular category to reduce your course choice.