Family talking of interests and thinking what they would do if there was an accident

Pleased to be supporting the community to learn easy first aid skills

You may be concerned as you are about to have a baby and feel you would not know what to do if they chocked.

Baby hand reaching out
Older man looking at older lady on swing

You may be worried about your older family member and what would you do if they had a heart attack.

You may be apprehensive that your friend has a medical condition and you do not know what to do to help them if they should have an acute attack.

Nuts in a bowl next to a jar of milk
Lady running in park

You may just want to learn some first aid in case someone around falls over and injures themselves.

We can help build your skills to help in any of these situations.

Female hand in bandage palm up
Friends toasting over bowls of food

Get your friends and family together at a location of your choosing, for drinks and some nibbles.

While you relax with a drink, we take you through first aid skills and answer your questions.

You let us know your concern and the topics you would like to cover by completing our online enquiry form or giving us a call to discuss.

Lady on mobile phone holding a takeaway cup of coffee
Male leg being bandaged

Sessions last for about 2 hours depending on topics and amount of questions.

Currently covering Swansea, Llanelli, Neath and Port Talbot.

Satalite map of swansea and surrounding areas