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Girl looking scared with head in knees leaning against wall

Safeguarding Week 2019

Monday 18 November to Friday 22 November is National Safeguarding Week. During the week events take place to raise awareness of what safeguarding is, the signs to look out for and what can be done. Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and in this bulletin, we answer your questions to help raise awareness.

Child standing choking and receiving back blows

First aid for children - Choking

In our first of a series of articles looking at first aid for children, we take a look at choking. Choking in a child is one of every parents worst fears and in this article we look at what we can do to support a child who is choking.

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Family talking about what they do and think what if there was an accident

Family and Friend First Aid

Excited to be launching a program to support the community access simple first aid skills with its Family First Aid.

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Person perfomring resuscitation on the annie doll

Annual First Aid Update/Practise

Pleased to be launching our Continual Professional Development (CPD) session for First Aid.

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