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When does this policy take effect?

The policy comes into effect on the 21 May 2019 and applies until it is replaced. Dewi Development Ltd holds the right to update it at any time.

How do I accept this policy?

By using the website, you accept the policy. If you do not accept the policy, you must stop using the website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text stored in a text file on your computer or mobile device. They are stored by your web browser (for example Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) and linked to the website you are visiting with information about your preferences. These preferences may be remembered, so when you visit the website next time, the site will recognise you.

Cookies that remember you for your next visit are called ‘persistent’, while cookies which store preferences for one visit are called ‘session’ cookies.

How does Dewi Development use cookies

We use cookies to:

  • Session – To track your session and recognise you as you move to different pages on the site.
  • Cookie choice – To track your acceptance of cookies or if you refused any cookies being used.
  • Tawk Web Chat - To enable the webchat to function, including linking chats between web page moves or revisits to the website.
  • Analytics – We use Google Analytics to monitor how people use the website. Google uses tracking cookies to recognise your return to the website

Can I do business with Dewi Development Ltd without accepting this policy?

You cannot use all of the functionality of the website without accepting this policy, but you can still do business with us by emailing, writing or phoning us directly.

What cookies are stored on my machine?

The cookies are:

Cookie Group

Cookie name



Session Cookie

A mixture of numbers and letters

Until browser closed

To track your session

Cookie Choice


1 month

Used to log decision on cookies

Google Analytics


2 years

Used to distinguish users.


24 hours

Used to distinguish users


1 minute

Used to throttle request rate.

Tawk Web Chat
TawkConnectionTime Until the end of the session A third-party cookie that remembers you so that we can link chat conversations together to provide a better service.
__tawkuuid 6 months

Why do you track cookie choice?

This allows you to refuse some cookies that you are not happy for us to use but still use the website. However depending on the cookies, you refuse, you may find some functionality of the site is turned off, as it does not work without the cookie.

Why do you use Google Analytics?

We use Google Analytics to understand the visits to our website, through anonymous information. This information helps us understand:

  • How many people return to our site
  • The pages that are popular, as people visit and stay on them
  • The pages that are not popular, as people do not stay on them
  • The devices used to view the website, so we can ensure the site developed well for those devices and screen sizes
  • Where in the world people are visiting from, to ensure we are reaching the right people in the correct languages

This information allows us to improve our website. In order to do this, we allow Google to use cookies to help provide this anonymous information.

How do I turn off some cookies for Dewi Development?

When you first visit the site, you will be asked to accept the cookies. At this stage you can specify if there are any cookies you do not wish to use and you can deselect them.

I have changed my mind, can I change my cookie choices?

At the bottom of the website, in the footer, there is the option, ‘Reconsider Cookies’. By clicking on this, you will be provided with the option to accept cookies and change your choices.

How do I turn off all cookies?

If you turn off all cookies for dewidevelopment.co.uk, you will find the site does not function correctly, including logging into your account.

It is possible in most modern browsers to turn off cookies for websites or for the browser. These features are normally found in the websites options or preferences settings. For information on clearing and stopping browsers from collecting information, please few the relevant links below. Please note the information is externally provided and we take no responsibility for its content.

Microsoft Edge






How can I learn more about cookies?

You can find out more information about cookies by searching the internet. Below are some example external links to information on cookies. We do not endorse the links or take any responsibility for the content within their sites.

AllAboutCookies - http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie