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Accredited Training

Our range of accredited training provides you with a framework on which to induct your staff to meet your legal, business sector and insurance needs.

The courses are all Ofqual accredited, providing your staff with recognition through qualifications at a variety of levels, depending on the course.

The range of topics include First AidHealth and Safety, Manual Handling, Mental Health and Safeguarding

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Continual Professional Development Training

Accredited courses are not for every business, with many liking to tailor their training to their specific business.

Some professional roles, awarding bodies and membership organisation require that individuals carry out yearly continual professional development.

Whatever your reason, it is important to keep knowledge at the forefront of your mind, stay on top of legislation and the latest best practice.

Our range of Continual Professional Development programmes can support you with your learning aims.

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Bespoke (Tailored) Learning

While there is a need for generic training, every business has its individuality, as do the people it employs. Individuals, also learn better when they can see how the information is relevant to them.

We can either tailor our existing Continual Professional Development programme to meet your individual needs or work with you to develop a new learning programme specific to your business. The bespoke session can be delivered through different methods from facilitation, workshops, workbooks and factsheets.

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Meeting Facilitation

How many meetings have you been to, where you have wondered what you got out of it, did we not cover that last time, did we make a decision and did we just agree to another meeting to cover what you thought today was about?

Meetings do not just have to be a discussion. A properly facilitated and documented meeting can be very interactive, with activities that quickly draw out decisions, whilst highlighting different points of view and stopping you from revisiting earlier discussions.

A well-facilitated session can help with meetings, investigating a business problem, developing a new product or mapping out a new process.

We can help your business as an independent facilitator, helping you achieve the goals of your meeting or conference.