Delivery style

The course is facilitated through group and class discussion to involve all candidates and to ensure all candidates are grasping the board topics ready for the assessment.

There will be practical sessions to practise recovery position, resuscitation and the use of the Automated External Defibrillator.

Candidates can wear clothing that they feel comfortable to support their learning, while taking part in group discussions and practical sessions with other candidates. Candidates should be awear they will be practising placing one another in recovery position and practising resuscitation. We therefore recommend flat shoes, trousers and to be cautious of baggy low tops.


The course includes handbook produced by Instructuk Resources Ltd to support the content covered.


The course includes a range of assessment methods including interactive group discussion and pratical sessions which are monitored by the tutor. Multiday courses include a multi choice paper near the end of the course.

Candidate Needs

The course involves various pratical sessions, where candidates will need to get down to the floor to practise their first aid skills. This will include practising recovery position and demonstrating effective resuscitation for a minimum amount of time. If you have any concerns about carrying out these activities, you should get in touch before booking the course.

If candidates have any physical or learning needs for the group work or for the assessment, this should be notified as part of the booking.

Age Information

While a student can qualify at 14, they may not assume  responsibility in the workplace until they are 16 and then it is the employers responsibility to ensure the individual is sutiable for the role.