Awareness of FAMH E-learning Overview

It is reported that this year 1 in 4 of us will suffer from mental health. Therefore this Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health (AFAMH) e-learning course is aimed at everyone to help break down the stigma associated with mental health.

The course provides an understanding of what is mental health and the impact it can have on ourselves or others. Through videos, the course provides an understanding of common mental health conditions and the role the First Aider for Mental Health can play.

Awareness of FAMH Syllabus

A range of topics are covered including:

  • What is First Aid for Mental Health?
  • Breaking down stigma
  • Identifying common mental health conditions
  • Signposting to support

Awareness of First Aid For Mental Health e-learning resources in the UK


The course provides access to our online learning system, which contains all the resources you will need to complete the course.

Awareness of FAMH Assessment

The online course completes with an online quiz to check the knowledge you have taken away from the sessions. The quiz provides the results on completion.


There is no post-course learning for this course.


Successful candidates will be issued with an Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health e-learning certificate issued by Dewi Development.

Dewi Development Certificate for Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health in UK

Certification Renewal

There is no renewal for this e-learning course.

Candidate Needs

The e-learning system is built with accessibility included. If you have any concerns, please contact us to discuss your needs.


You can undertake this course anywhere you can access the internet from the UK to New Zealand. You will need a tablet or PC with an internet connection suitable for streaming video.


Price per person is £25.

Price Includes

  • Access to the online platform
  • Certification