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Anyone can be affected by a mental health condition either themselves or a family member, friend or colleague.

This one and half-day First Aid for Mental Health (FAMH) course provide learners with an understanding of mental health, which helps break down the stigma associated with mental health and the skills to start a supportive conversation with someone.

It is reported that this year 1 in 4 of us will suffer from mental health. Therefore, the course is aimed at everyone who wants to develop the skills to start a supportive conversation and signpost to additional help where needed.

The course develops knowledge to recognise someone who may need help and introduce the First Aid for Mental Health Action Plan to provide support. On completion of the course, learners will be recognised as First Aider for Mental Health.

A range of topics are covered including:

  • What is First Aid for Mental Health?
  • Breaking down stigma
  • Recognising mental health conditions
  • Starting a supportive conversation
  • Impact of drugs and alcohol
  • First Aid for Mental Health action plan
  • Considering First Aid for Mental Health in the workplace

The course is delivered through a mixture of self-study and virtual classrooms.

The candidate will be given access to online resources which involve reading, interactive videos, reflective questions and quizzes.

The online learning will be supported by 4 virtual classroom sessions which will embed the information learnt in the online materials and provide the opportunity to practice providing support to someone in crisis. The virtual sessions are very interactive utilising virtual breakout rooms, annotations on the presentation and interactive polls.

The delivery time will be agreed at the time of booking, with a maximum of three weeks being allowed. During this period of time, candidates will have access to the support of a tutor who can help them if they find the content is emotive.

The price includes:

  • Certification
  • Access to online resources
  • Access to the virtual classroom
  • Course handbook
  • First Aid for Mental Health badge
  • tGreat instructors

The course provides access to online learning materials and includes the First Aid for Mental Health handbook produced by Instructuk Resources Ltd to support the course.


Candidates will need the ability to get on the internet to access the online resources and access the virtual classrooms. This can be achieved through a tablet or personal computer which has internet access and a webcam.

There is no post-course learning for this course.

You can arrange a program of support from Dewi Development Ltd for your staff, this can include ongoing coaching or access to a debrief session. Your staff may wish to access a debrief session following a serious incident at which they utilised their skills and need to discuss the actions they took.

The qualification is assessed through an online quiz and practical assessment during the online virtual classrooms.

Successful candidates will be issued with a First Aid for Mental Health certificate from Dewi Development.


There is no qualification renewal.

It is recommended you undertake yearly continual professional development to maintain your knowledge.

We can deliver this course to anyone in the UK.

placCandidate Needs

There are no barriers to undertaking the training, but individuals may find the topics may have an emotional impact they were not expecting. This may occur if they have experienced or know anyone who has experienced one of the topics being covered. The trainers are experienced and will support any candidate who finds them in the situation of needing to debrief a historic situation.

If candidates have any physical or learning needs for the group work or for the assessment, this should be notified as part of the booking.

More Information

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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20-05-2021 11:55
The information was exhalant and also the content of information given. The facilitator made sure he looked after the participants mental health during the zoom sessions. Will be recommending for all staff to attend.

*Turstpilot review 22 October 2020
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