Dewi Development Ltd support companies and charities to develop their business by working with them to look at their business processes, their systems and their training. Dewi Development runs accredited training, continual professional development sessions and designs bespoke courses to meet customer’s needs. As part of bringing training to life and embedding learning, Dewi Development utilises Casualty Actors in some training scenarios to provide realistic situations in a safe and controlled context.

Overall Purpose of the Post

The Casualty Actor will work with trainers or event organisers, to portray scenes of realistic incidents, that individuals can interact with and practise their skills. The scenes may take place in a training room, as part of an outdoor scene or as part of a large exercise to test responders’ skills. The incidents will be portrayed with appropriate makeup for injuries, making the scenes as realistic as possible while achievable for the people taking part.

Main responsibilities

  • To work with the trainer/event organiser to plan scenes that meet with the requirements of the event and the standards of the people taking part
  • To ensure that all scenes are delivered to a high standard of Health and Safety
  • To ensure scenes are clearly marked and public access is managed during scenes
  • To ensure and maintain knowledge of the scene and injury being portrayed, ensuring all scenes are accurate, feasible, believable and realistic
  • To portray the scenes to the highest standards and as agreed with the trainer/event organiser, ensuring they are achievable
  • To provide feedback to candidates on how they interacted with the scene and coach them on how to improve
  • To provide constructive feedback to the trainer/event organiser on how individuals did in the scene
  • To know your limits and to be honest with trainer/event organiser about scenes you are willing to set
  • To maintain all casualty and scene equipment/resources, ensuring it is cleaned and stored appropriately, with defects reported
  • To maintain and compete any paper records required as part of the role
  • To attend any update training or meetings organised for the team
  • Any other appropriate duties requested by the trainer/event organiser to ensure the event runs smoothly

General responsibilities

  • Maintain all qualifications and stay up to date with all company policies
  • Follow good practise and report concerns as per policy in the following areas:
    • Health and Safety
    • Safeguarding
    • Diversity
    • Mental Health
    • Data Protection
    • IT Security
    • Document Management
    • Environmental Management

Person Specification

Education/ Training

  • Education to GCSE or above √√
  • Casualty Simulation √√
  • First Aid at Work qualification or equivalent

Skills and abilities

  • Ability to complete paperwork accurately √√
  • Ability to set a safe scene √√
  • Ability to create realistic-looking wounds √√
  • Ability to work in a time-pressured training environment √√
  • Ability to communicate clearly √√
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback


  • Providing first aid to individuals √√
  • Providing manual handling
  • Providing First Aid for Mental Health or emotional support to individuals
  • Working in a training environment √√
  • Providing feedback to individuals in a training environment √√


  • General Health and Safety
  • First Aid √√
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional support
  • Suicide intervention
  • Casualty makeup √√
  • Casualty scene-setting √√
  • Coaching


  • Ensure and promote equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practise
  • Recognise and value contributions of others
  • Demonstrate flexibility and open-mindedness
  • Recognise the skills and ability to develop in others
  • Demonstrate the ability to encourage and guide others to grow

Other requirements

  • Willing to travel to different locations for events √√
  • Willing to work unsociable hours √√
  • Willing to work at residential events √√
  • Willing to work in the outdoor environment and on uneven terrain √√

√√ Minimum short-listing criteria. As part of our commitment under the Disability Confident Scheme, disabled people who meet the minimum criteria will be offered an interview.